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La lersivirina podría ser tan segura y eficaz como la Sustiva en las personas con VIH que no han recibido tratamiento previo (IAS 2011)

Los resultados preliminares de un estudio clínico en fase 2b aún en curso indican que el inhibidor de la transcriptasa inversa lersivirina, aún en investigación, podría ser tan segura y eficaz como la Sustiva en personas con VIH que nunca han tomado medicamentos antirretrovirales.

“La lersivirina pertenece a la nueva generación de inhibidores no nucleósidos de la transcriptasa inversa … [que] tiene una actividad potente contra el VIH”, dijo el Dr. Anton Pozniak, que presentó los resultados en la 6ª Conferencia Internacional de la Sociedad del SIDA sobre Patogénesis, Tratamiento …

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Lersivirine May Be As Safe And Effective As Sustiva In Previously Untreated People With HIV (IAS 2011)

Interim results from an ongoing Phase 2b clinical trial show that the investigational non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor lersivirine may be as safe and effective as Sustiva in people with HIV who have not previously taken antiretrovirals.

“Lersivirine is a next generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor…[that] has potent activity against HIV,” said Dr. Anton Pozniak, who presented the results today at the 6th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention (IAS 2011).

“Both lersivirine doses [tested] achieved similar viral load suppression to [Sustiva],” he added.

Dr. Pozniak suggested …

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Virginia Closes Enrollment For Its State ADAP – The state of Virginia has closed enrollment for its AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), a program that provides anti-HIV medications for low-income people with HIV and AIDS. As of last month, individuals wishing to enroll in the program will be placed on a waitlist instead. Exceptions will be made for pregnant women, children 18 years or younger, and patients with active opportunistic infections (infections that occur only in people with compromised immune systems). In addition, an estimated 760 people currently in the Virginia ADAP who have stable immune systems (CD4, or white blood cell, counts of 350 or higher) or who have not fulfilled a prescription through ADAP within the last 5 months will be removed from the program. The rules also limit the drugs available under the program to antiretrovirals, treatments for opportunistic infections, and certain vaccines. Government officials project that the cutbacks will be in place through at least April 2012. For more information, please see The Roanoke Times or the Virginia Department of Health.

Phase 2 Clinical Trial Recruits Treatment-Experienced HIV-Positive Adults For Treatment With Investigational Antiretroviral Drug – A Phase 2 clinical trial, sponsored by Pfizer, is currently recruiting participants at over 70 locations nationally and internationally. The trial will test the safety and efficacy of UK-453061, a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) under development, as compared to Intelence (etravirine) in treatment-experienced patients with NNRTI resistance. The trial will measure the number of study participants who achieve and maintain viral suppression (undetectable amounts of HIV in the blood) after 24 weeks. For more information, please see the U.S. Clinical Trials Registry.

Phase 2 Clinical Trial In Philadelphia Recruits HIV-Positive Injection Drug Users For Treatment With Investigational HIV Antibody – A Phase 2 clinical trial in Philadelphia will test the safety and efficacy of an investigational anti-HIV drug PRO 140 (anti-CCR5 monoclonal antibody) in HIV-positive injection drug users. The antibody drug, made by Progenics Pharmaceuticals, is an entry inhibitor that works in a similar manner as Selzentry (maraviroc); it is designed for people who have previously failed treatment and will supplement regular antiretroviral therapy. The drug is administered by injections under the skin rather than taken in pill form. The study will test to see how many study participants achieve and maintain viral suppression over a period of 24 weeks. For more information, please see the U.S. Clinical Trials Registry.

AIDSinfo Updates Fact Sheets On HIV And Pregnancy – AIDSinfo, a website run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has updated its factsheets on HIV and pregnancy. The updates take into account the most recent guidelines on treatment of HIV during pregnancy, released in May 2010 (see related AIDS Beacon news). A new factsheet on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV has also been added to the website. For more information, please see the AIDSinfo website.